The 2013 HR2 Series season was the 20th season of the WHRC's feeder series, and the ninth as the HR2 Series. Latvia's Augusts Ozolinsh secured a seat in the 2014 WHRC after winning the title, becoming the first from his country to do so.


Manufacturer No. Pilot Rounds
GBR Westland Helicopters 1 USA Art Adamson All
2 GBR Kieran Bailey 1
GBR Tom Pye 2-9
3 RUS Ruslan Afanasyev All
4 FRA Dominique Garin All
5 ITA Ignazio di Domingo All
6 NOR Artur Hjammarlund All
7 USA Stephen Mason All
8 LAT Augusts Ozolinsh All
9 AUS William Crofts All
10 GUY Winton James 1-2
COM Iman Sultan 3-9
11 GBR Russell Hamilton All
12 USA Norbert Hill All
14 FRA Jean Riner All
15 ESP Paulino Gonzalez All
16 GBR Stewart Auchinleck All
17 ITA Enzo Ghedini All
18 CAN Eddy Twigg All
19 USA Zach Mackey All
20 CAN Ralph West All
21 POL Aron Ostrowski All
22 AUT Markus Bachmeier All
23 GBR Daniel Vine All
24 FIN Marko Parras All
25 HUN Rez Csontos All


Round Race City Winner
1 GBR British Grand Prix Duxford FRA Jean Riner
2 ITA Italian Grand Prix Sicily LAT Augusts Ozolinsh
3 USA US Grand Prix New York LAT Augusts Ozolinsh
4 CAN Canadian Grand Prix Vancouver GBR Russell Hamilton
5 JPN Japanese Grand Prix Tokyo USA Zach Mackey
6 AUS Australian Grand Prix Sydney GBR Stewart Auchinleck
7 LAT Latvian Grand Prix Riga LAT Augusts Ozolinsh
8 DEU German Grand Prix Munich GBR Russell Hamilton
9 IRL Irish Grand Prix Dublin RUS Ruslan Afanasyev