The 2013 WHRC season was won by Briton Reuben Chalkwell.


Manufacturer No. Pilot Rounds
JPN Kawasaki Aerospace Company 1 ITA Nino Iadanza All
2 CAN Hugo Chiappe All
3 GBR Harry Kelso All
4 NED Ruud Dotinga All
5 FRA Jean-Thierry Duval All
6 NOR Ragnar Knutsen All
7 SRB Mihajlo Mihajlovic All
8 JPN Hideki Sato All
GBR Westland Helicopters 9 GBR Reuben Chalkwell All
10 GBR Simon Chill All
11 IRL Patrick Platt All
12 FRA Josèp Soler All
14 DEU Joachim Kretzhaagel All
15 POL Pawel Kaminski 1-5
NZL Gilbert Armstrong 6-12
16 GBR Hugh Porter All
17 GBR Stephanie Simpson All
USA Boeing Rotorcraft Systems 18 USA Hank Bond-Hale All
19 BRA Danilo Pinto All
20 SRB Mihajlo Mihajlovic All
21 GBR Will Dalziel All
22 ITA Florian Kappel All
23 AUT Jens-Otto Schäfer All
24 ITA Matteo Pagani All
25 GBR Nick Taylor All

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