The HR2 Series is the main feeder series for the World Helicopter Racing Championships, which ran as the HR3000 International Series from 1994 to 2004. Four of the champions in WHRC graduated from the category.

Unlike the WHRC women were allowed to take part prior to 2010.


Season Pilot
1994 ITA Costanzo Boni (ITA)
1995 AUT Karl Meyer (AUT)
1996 CAN Henry Chaippe (CAN)
1997 ITA Romeo Piccoli (ITA)
1998 GBR Hyram Lancaster (GBR)
1999 GBR Leslie Wallace (GBR)
2000 DEU Lucas Ehrlichmann (DEU)
2001 MEX Elpidio Quirós (MEX)
2002 GBR Ryan Greenwood (GBR)
2003 DEU Detlef Mandel (DEU)
2004 FRA Jean-Thierry Duval (DEU)
2005 NOR Ragnar Knutsen (NOR)
2006 SWE Jonas Håkansson (SWE)
2007 USA Tanner Bond-Hale (USA)
2008 ITA Matteo Pagani (ITA)
2009 ITA Nino Iadanza (ITA)
2010 GBR Reuben Chalkwell (GBR)
2011 CHF François Durant (CHF)
2012 IRL Patrick Platt (IRL)
2013 LAT Augusts Ozolinsh (LAT)
2014 AUT Oso Baumgartner (AUT)

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