December 15, 2013

Rutland's defending WHRC champion Reuben Chalkwell has thrown a mental breakdown after the woman who arrested his dad for drink driving and speeding 9 years ago won the talent TV show The X Factor on Sunday.

Bailey, a prison officer from the neighbouring county of Leicestershire, sent Elmo Chalkwell, so called due to his resemblance to the Sesame Street puppet of the same name, to the slammer on August 4, 2004 after he drove over the legal limit and gulped down a can of Foster's.

Bailey's become only the fourth female act to win the show following Leona Lewis (2006), Alexandra Burke (2008) and Little Mix (2011), but the fact that further angers Chalkwell is that Little Mix, being a quartet, makes it eight female winners compared to the six males, meaning that more women have won the show.

Chalkwell will not defend his title in 2014. Instead, the #1 copter goes to Russell Hamilton, a race winner in the HR2 Series. Hamilton's seat in HR2 is taken by Kieran Bailey, who isn't related to Sam Bailey in any way.